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Six months, 41 researchers, two pipelines, 4,380 simulations, roughly 2 million gallons of oil, and more than 600 pages of science. In an independent risk analysis of the Straits Pipelines, Michigan Tech led a team of experts to answer one question: what's the worst that could happen?

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2018 Michigan Tech Magazine: Issue 1

Welcome Richard J. Koubek, our tenth president. Read More

2018 Research Magazine

Fish consumption advisories were meant to be temporary, but mercury and other pollutants will move through Upper Peninsula soil and water for generations. Read More

2017 Michigan Tech Magazine: Issue 2

What Michigan Tech is doing today to stay on the leading edge of tomorrow. Read More

2017 Michigan Tech Magazine: Issue 1

The Wow Factor—Explosions. Bananas. Liquid nitrogen. How Mind Trekkers create a love for science in the next generation. Read More

2017 Research Magazine

A team led by physicist John Jaszczak discovered a new mineral—merelaniite. It’s made up of tiny whiskers of graphite-like spires extracted from the crooks of an albandanite crystal. Read More

2016 Michigan Tech Magazine: Issue 2

On the cover: It's not over, but when Governor Rick Snyder tapped Michigan Tech alumnus Keith Creagh to tackle the Flint water crisis, Creagh delivered. Read More

2016 Michigan Tech Magazine: Issue 1

On the cover: NHL All-Star Game MVP, John Scott inspired a nation with his grit and determination—and his unlikely journey started here. Read More

2016 Research Magazine

From wildfires to invasive species to diseases, we're taking research to the next level. The work goes beyond a lone lab or single scientist. This is how our teams are solving the big challenges together. Read More

2015 Michigan Tech Magazine: Issue 2

On the cover: Graduate student Mahsa Asgarisabet was recently recognized by SAE International for her work on carbon nanotube speakers. Read More

2015 Michigan Tech Magazine: Issue 1

On the cover: How one man's heart-wrenching journey became a mission to end veteran suicides and help lead a national movement. Read More

2015 Michigan Tech Research Magazine

The Healing Stitch
Feng Zhao is building a new kind of cellular nanoscaffolding by stitching together fibroblast cells—an artful process similar to crocheting. Read More

Fall 2014 Michigan Tech Magazine

Sound design student Chris Trevino learned to make zombie noises while interning at a Detroit sound effects studio. Here, he clowns around with the unreal thing during one of the funnest photo shoots ever, at an old, abandoned warehouse near the village of Mason, just a few miles from campus. Read More

Spring 2014 Michigan Tech Magazine

Seeking a Tiny, Spiny Menace: PhD student Martin Hobmeier samples the waters of Portage Lake for the spiny water flea, an invasive exotic species. He is aided by Research Associate Foad Yousef. Read More

2014 Michigan Tech Research Magazine

The Future Human
New hope at the crossroads of engineering and medicine. More than ever, engineering is informing medicine. Breakthroughs that range from synthetic skin to artificial hands are restoring people to health and challenging the very concept of disability. Read More

Winter 2013-14 Michigan Tech Magazine

This humpback tail comes to us courtesy of Robert Raimo ’79, who lives in Maui and captures images of the great cetaceans every chance he gets. Read More

Fall 2013 Michigan Tech Magazine

You Did It! Capital Campaign Breaks the $200 Million Barrier. Generations of Discovery: The Campaign for Michigan Tech has officially drawn to a close, leaving behind a lasting legacy for the University. Alumni and friends gave $215,366,353 to Michigan Tech, eclipsing the initial goal of $200 million. Read More

Spring 2013 Michigan Tech Magazine

Back to Eden: Greg Corace ’07 wants to make one thing perfectly clear. Seney National Wildlife Refuge is not about common loons, or bald eagles, or even those greeting-card gorgeous trumpeter swans. Read More

2013 Michigan Tech Research Magazine

A discovery by physicist Robert Nemiroff bolsters Einstein’s theory that spacetime is as smooth as any elixir from the top shelf of Shute’s Bar, the landmark Calumet saloon that graciously hosted this photo shoot. Read More

Winter 2012-13 Michigan Tech Magazine

Few forces are powerful enough to bring together a group of 70-year-old men from the corners of North America and beyond. The occasion was the 50th anniversary of Michigan Tech’s first national championship—the 1962 NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey title. Read More

Fall 2012 Michigan Tech Magazine

As leader of the Yellowstone Wolf Project, Doug Smith ’88 has tranquilized and collared hundreds of wolves like this behemoth from Delta Pack. These captivating carnivores draw thousands of eco-tourists to the park every year, even as they inspire loathing among many area residents. Read More

Spring 2012 Michigan Tech Magazine

Neala Creasy pauses during All Nighter statue construction as the First Year Experience makes its final push. The monthlong, residence hall statue would feature Kellogg’s characters and the Cereal City factory, says the second-year applied geophysics major. Read More

2012 Michigan Tech Research Magazine

The story begins in the 1970s, when Martin Auer was a PhD candidate at the University of Michigan. His advisor asked him to check out the relationship between the phosphorus-rich effluent flowing from a sewage treatment plant and the jungle-like growth of Cladophora thriving nearby. Auer, now a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Michigan Tech, was able to demonstrate that lowering phosphorus levels from the effluent got rid of nearly all the Cladophora. Read More