Undergraduate Admissions

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Yesterday - Sound on: "I'm printing metal components that are thinner, but stronger. - To do that, I'm exceeding cooling rates of over 10,000 degrees centigrade per second and using custom nozzle geometries to prototype and improve our understanding of the metal 3D printing process.” – Adam Pringle, Graduate Student, Materials Sciences and Engineering - #3D #metalprinting #3Dprint #mturesearch #michigantech #sustainability #capability #industrial #innovation
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Wednesday - "It's a Swiss Army knife program. You learn about economics, you learn about civil engineering concepts, accounting, management. It's so well-rounded." John Batsikouras, an undergraduate construction management major talks about why he chose his major and Michigan Tech. The short answer? He knew Huskies got jobs and wanted to be involved in an industry with no limits. Read more My Michigan Tech stories on www.mtu.edu/tomorrowneeds.
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Wednesday - Huskies who spend the summer here treasure the seasonal view in our back yard. - Aerial shot 📸of the 1849 lighthouse by @defined_visuals 🙌🏻 - #copperharbor #lighthouse #purekeweenaw #puremichigan #michigantech #ourbackyard #huskysummer
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Tuesday - Tomorrow needs freshwater. This autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) allows researchers to study underwater ecosystems to protect and preserve Earth's hydrosphere. Find out more about Michigan Tech’s research on www.mtu.edu/tomorrowneeds.