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Yesterday - Strong teams and smart adhesives stick together. - In 2015, when Ameya Narkar started his doctoral research with Bruce Lee, associate professor of biomedical, the two turned to biological sources for a glue that could be turned on and off. - They started with an amino acid found in mussel foot proteins called DOPA (3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine). Yes, that’s a mussel like the ones found on piers and boat bottoms, and yes, DOPA is related to the more-familiar chemical dopamine. DOPA helps mussels cling to their underwater homes. - Together, They explored possibilities: easy-to-remove bandages, customized medical devices and implants, glue for cameras to attach to fish and other underwater environmental monitoring. They say the key to their research success is early mornings — they’re both in the lab by 8 a.m. — and finding the positives even when the initial data seems gloomy. - More about the Bhakta Rath award winners on Michigan Tech News (links in bio and Research 🏆highlights). - #mturesearch #smartadhesives #stickymussels #inthelab #michigantech #researchteam #biomedicalengineering
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Saturday - #mtuscenes #ourcampus #getoutside
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Saturday - #mtuscenes #ourcampus #getoutside
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September 12 - 21 weeks to go. - @mtu_winter_carnival #mtuwc #thedinosaursarecoming #michigantech #snowstatues #wintercarnival #techtradition #huskynation