Compliance, Integrity, and Safety

Michigan Technological University is committed to the highest standards of research conduct and is supported by policies, procedures, and standards that promote an honest, fair, ethical, accountable and safe environment. Compliance refers to the process by which the University, in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations, and policies certifies that research activity is conducted in a legal and ethical way.

The Office of Compliance, Integrity, and Safety is dedicated to supporting an environment that fosters the responsible conduct of research and other activities by promoting the principles of scientific and administrative excellence and compliance with both the letter and the spirit of governing regulations.

National Science Foundation Requirement on Sexual Harassment, Other Forms of Harassment, and Sexual Assault - Information and guidelines pertaining to the National Science Foundation Important Notice No. 144.

Information Pertaining to Volunteering at Michigan Tech - including policy, forms and FAQ's

Conflict of Interest—Information and guidelines, including disclosure forms, pertaining to conflicts of interest and commitment.

Export Controls and Foreign Nationals—Guidelines for compliance with regulations governing distribution of materials, information, and technology.

Misconduct—Information about responsible conduct and the process for investigating misconduct allegations and whistleblower protection notification.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) —Information and guidelines for the safety and wellbeing of Michigan Tech students, staff, faculty, campus community, and the environment.

Responsible Conduct of Research

Review Boards—Information and guidelines for research involving human or animals subjects and rDNA.